Our Mission

The T-CETRA Foundation seeks to improve the lives of the un/derbanked population across the United States by providing financial grants and in-kind technology support to improve financial literacy and community development to those populations most in need.

The olive tree is our Foundation’s symbol and represents peace, health, wisdom, and prosperity. Our vision is to plant and nourish seeds of opportunity for the underserved so their communities may grow and thrive.

Charitable Giving Criteria

Teacher in front of class

Financial Literacy

Expand financial knowledge in underserved communities with the creation of programs and curricula that focus on financial self-empowerment, becoming debt-free, creating wealth and more.

Technology Impact

Provide grants to public, nonprofit organizations to improve technology access (tech products or T-CETRA consulting) that support community development and economic growth in underserved, low-income areas around the United States and Puerto Rico and where VIDAPAY has a retail presence.

Grant eligibility requirements